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  • 執筆者の写真Gustavo Dore





今、私たちは競争の真っ最中です。あらゆる仕事が、より簡単で速く実用的になっていく。しかもより安全なソリューションを生み出すエンジニアの人たちと競争している。エンジニアの人たちですら、他の機械をプログラムするような機械たちと競争しているんですから =)


そんな競争のさなかにいる私たちが、従業員契約促進のための新製品を発表します。これはとても嬉しいことです。最高経営責任者(CEO)としては、これがとにかく、面倒くさくて退屈な仕事の一つだと常々思っていましたから。ものすごく重要!なのに、、あまり考えたくない仕事の一つ。Welcome HRが退屈な仕事を一つ終わらせ、私たちをまた一歩前進させてくれました。

The end of the boring work

We are all seeing in the news how AI is going to take over several jobs. In most countries, it is not immigrants that people should worry about, but how their work is becoming obsolete. My father used to work in a bank for 35 years and actually, all his work was already automated.

Let me be clear here, his work was boring work. He used to check anomalies in the money that came in versus the money that left the bank that day. All human error. Now machines take care of it and there is very little margin for error. Very stressful work, average pay, no much career progression. I am glad nobody has to do it anymore, and after asked, he is glad too.

So now we are in a race. Every job is in a race against engineers somewhere creating easier, faster, practical and more secure solutions. Even engineers themselves are in a race against machines that program other machines. =)

First finance, then sales, then marketing and now we are getting to the less IT oriented people like Human Resources. So much paper, so much data entry, so much compliance training, so much boring tasks that could be automated.

I am happy to announce that we are also in that race, that we are releasing a new product that is about facilitating employee contracts. As a CEO, that was one of the works that I thought was very stressful and boring at the same time. One of those things I don’t want to think about too much but are super important. Welcome HR is pushing us one step forward to end the boring work.



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