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  • 執筆者の写真Gustavo Dore

マネージメントには美がある。There is beauty in Management =)

SonyやAppleやGoogleを大企業にしたのは誰だと思いますか? ほとんどの人はCEOだと答えるでしょう。しかしよくよく調べてみると、大部分の決定はマネージャーたちによって日々なされているということがわかります。チームのアウトプットについて責任を負う人たちです。



マネージメントは何のためにあるのか? その答えはおそらく企業文化によって大いに異なるため、私は自分の好みで答えることにします。マネージャーとは他の人員を訓練・指導して、企業の他の部分と結びつけて、自分自身の責任でチームにアウトプットをなさしめる人のことです。



マネージメントは常にとても嫌われていますが、今日私は彼らに愛と拍手を送りたいと思います。必要な時に私と指導してくれて、そしてチームを動かし続けてくれてありがとう! ありがとうございます!

There is beauty in Management

Who do you think made Sony and Apple and Google a great company? Most people will say it is their CEOs. But once you look deep into it, you see that most decisions are made daily by managers. People who are responsible for the team output.

The CEO does not visit all Starbucks and give the directions. A company is just able to scale as their ability to develop managers. Even when they are small.

A friend CEO was just mentioning the other day how he decided to apply holacracy to his business of 5 people. But that didn't scale well when the company grew to 20 people. They lost quality of the final output and start losing clients one after another.

What is management for? The answer might vary a lot per company culture so I will give you my preferred answer. Manager is the person who trains and coach other people and connect them with the rest of the company having the team output as his responsibility.

There is a reason most companies don't go to holacracy. Although I love the concept and love how some companies manage to scale it, it is a huge challenge. We all can buy eggs and flour and milk and learn how to make a cake by ourselves with trial and error. But we could do it so much faster by having 1 cooking class. We all can go to the gym and just try hard to get a nice body shape by randomly using all the machines. But we can get faster and more precise muscle growth with a personal trainer.

And it is so beautiful to see people grow, to see people fixing their mistakes and later getting their own team members to manage. I feel like a grandad what that happens. :-)

There is always so much hate for management and today I want to send some love and claps to them. Thank you for guiding me when I needed and for keeping the team running! Thank you!

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