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  • 執筆者の写真Gustavo Dore

私が社長の道にくるまでにどんな行動をしてきたか。What did I do right on life that brought me to where I am.





かつて私が働いていた会社の前社長に、普通、読んだ本の数と同じ割合で給料が上がると言われたことがあります。正直に言うと、それが唯一の方法ではありません。私は人生の中で、数人の非常に裕福で愚かな人々に出会いました。そうは言っても、あなたは愚かで金持ちですか?おそらく違うでしょう。従って、読書は良い人生への最も簡単な道です。 1週間に一冊は最低限でしょう。私が知っているすばらしいCEOは、週に3〜4本を読んでいます。私は実際2冊ほど読んでいます。


私はいつもアドバイスをもらいに、彼らにたくさんの個人的な質問をしました。私は常に、一部の人々が沢山のやるべきことを抱えてバランスを取りながらも、生産性を発揮できる方法に興味をそそられました。 (まだそこには、私が学ぶべきことがたくさんあります)。しかし、ここでのポイントは、あなたが誰かを指導者として扱うと、彼らはあなたを弟子として扱うということです。彼らはあなたの世話をし、新しい人々にあなたを紹介し、サポートをしてくれます。あなたが部屋にいないときに決定が下されているとき、彼らはあなたを保証してくれます。


時には、1日2回。ほとんどの人は、コップがいっぱいになると、それ以上水を注ぎ続けることができないことを理解していません。私は昼寝をして、脳を再起動させていました。瞑想を始めたこともありましたが、最近また昼寝に戻りました。 10〜20分で、脳は新たなスタートを切ることができます。私はいつもフレッシュな気持ちになり、活力を感じ、ほとんどの場合、それが私を前進させてくれるという良い印象があります。


What did I do right on life that brought me to where I am.

As some of you know, I am the CEO of Motify. I have been running this startup for 3 years now and have a team I really appreciate and like to work with. This week I got a few job offers to join other companies on fairly well paid positions. I felt very honored and it comes back to my memory that I have come a long way from this boy raised on a countryside Brazilian town. When I first arrived in Japan, I had so little money that my limit of spending was 1000 yen a day, counting food and amenities. Now, who counts?

Most of the time on this blog I talk about my failures, but this time I want to talk about good things. I will talk about some good behaviours that people can mimic and also get results to improve their salary, status or work environment.

1- Read a lot!

Once a previous president of a company I worked for told me that salary normally increases on the same proportion of the number of books you read. To be honest, that is not the only way. Though life, I have met a few dumb people who are very rich. Having said that, are you dumb and rich? Probably not. So reading is the easiest path to a good life. A book a week feels like a minimum. Great CEOs I know read 3 to 4 books a week. My actual rate is around 2.

2- Took any boss and professor I have had not as a boss, but as a mentor.

I always looked for advice and asked them LOTs of personal questions as well. I was always intrigued how some people can balance so much on their plate and still be productive. (Still have a lot to learn there). But the point here is that once you treat someone as a mentor, they treat you as a disciple. They take care of you, introducing you to new people and giving support. When you are not in the room and decisions are being made, they are the ones vouching for you.

3- Took naps.

Sometimes 2 times a day. Most people don’t understand that when their cup is full, they can not keep pouring more water in. I used to nap and that would restart my brain. Then I started meditating, but recently I went back to napping again. 10-20 min is more than enough to get you a fresh start to your brain. I always feel fresh and energized, and, believe me, most of the time it causes the good impression that will propel me forward.

I have a ton of those to share. I will stop with those ones for today and share more with you all in the future. Have a beautiful day full of naps.



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