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自分の心労との会話。先延ばしについての投稿。Talking with my Anxiety, the procrastination post.





「今一番重要なことをしていますか? 」




「あなたが何を言っても、関係ない。たわごとだ。自分がやらなければならないことのリストを作り、リストの一番目にあることをしなさい! 」










Talking with my anxiety. The procrastination post.

There is no time to wait for inspiration, there is work to be done. Busy is a choice, you don’t find time, you MAKE time. Here is how I do it.

Most of the time for me, procrastination happens when I feel overwhelmed or I feel uneasy about going to that topic. So after several years of trying to fight procrastination, I will tell you what I do that works for me.

I now have a loop in my brain, (you can also call it anxiety) , that is always asking:

Are you doing the most important task now?

If the answer is “maybe” or “no”, I literally stop a bit and have this dialogue with myself:

- What is holding you back? Be honest!

I will give some excuse, as always, because I also try to be kind to myself. Then I reply in an angry but assertive tone:

- Whatever you are saying, it doesn’t matter. It is bullshit. Go make a list of what you have to do and to item 1!

Because I also have to be rigid to myself so I keep putting the effort to evolve and explore my limits.

In the end I add something like:

- You can treat yourself later with a desert or 30 minutes of video game later if you clear those tasks up.

Because I also want to have the reward feeling on each achievement.

This whole loop take about 10-15 seconds. But it might be the change between me supporting a client fast enough to close a sale, or losing it. It might be the difference between me having a talk with a team member that will change the focus of the project in the right direction or wasting lots of money and time on the wrong direction.

A lot has already been said about procrastination. As a big procrastinator, I have also read a lot about it. Here I will share a few links that I like for those who are procrastinating right now.

Here is Tim Urban on it

Here is Seth Godin on it

Here is Debbie Milman on it

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