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  • 執筆者の写真Gustavo Dore

解雇、雇用、辞職する。可能性の時代についての変化。Firing, Hiring, Quitting in the era of possibilities.

次のアドベンチャーに行こう!Let's go on a new adventure!







Firing, Hiring, Quitting in the era of possibilities

Get used to firing, hiring and people leaving by themselves. There is just so many possibilities out there that the millennials wants to try them all.

My wife's sister left a career as a Nurse to become a chef. Another Motify ex-employee abandoned corporate for a doctorate and a career in the Academy. Another designer friend abandoned a job in construction building houses to become a designer and now manages a super important team at a big corporation.

I can go on and on about career changes that go across industries. One book a deeply recommend is 10年後、後悔しないための自分の道の選び方 from Bob Tobin. He was my teacher at Keio and eventually left to dedicate full time to his art gallery. In the book he interviewed lots of his old students and what happened with their lives several years after their career change.

Firing was never the easiest part of the job as a manager or CEO. Create a system of evaluation that when people are not meeting their targets, you can talk with them and arrange for them to leave. Without a system, it might look like you are firing at your whim, which sends the wrong message to everyone else. That they should please you personally to keep their jobs instead of focusing on the work itself.

In summary, all I can say is that you should just keep a pipeline of people that you would like to work with close by. Keep meeting possible candidates sporadically, keep checking on people work status. It is a long process, but in the era of abundant jobs, it was never so easy to quit. It was never so hard to keep people for a longer period of time.

Live with it, make it part of you.

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